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Bot Instruction

Chat Bot Navigation

Chat Bot Navigation Instruction

How to use the microphone

Chat Bot Mobile NavigationMobile Navigation
1. Click on the Microphone button
2. Wait for the beep sound
3. Start to talk

Chat Bot Computer NavigationComputer Navigation
1. Click on the Microphone button
2. Start to talk

Common voice instructions examples:

Microphone Icon "Menu"
Will open the bot menu.

Microphone Icon "Customer support"
Will direct you to assistant conversation flow.

Microphone Icon "Buy a ticket"
Will provide few major games options to play but you will be able to answer back the specific game you're looking to play.

Microphone Icon "Can I purchase Mega Millions ticket"
Will connect you directly to purchasing the ticket.

Microphone Icon "PowerBall Winning numbers"
Will provide you the latest PowerBall draws winning numbers.
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